View Full Version : MP3 quality poor due to low volume levels, notcompression.

Jason Holtzapple
2003-12-31, 09:55
I use mp3gain album gain at the default level (89 dB) without
any noticeable problems (to me). I obviously have to turn it
up a bit compared to a recent popular music CD, but this is
expected and the change is not too drastic. I am curious why
you are using your method instead of album gain.

Do you have the volume level of your slimp3/squeezebox set
to max?


--- Simon Turner <simon (AT) brighton (DOT) co.uk> wrote:
> Any help or suggestions would be very appreciated as I have spent many hours
> (or days, rather) on this problem and have got knowhere at all.
> I am even considering upping the volume of all my MP3s even though this
> would introduce clipping, as the clipping my not be as damaging to the sound
> as the lack of volume!
> I'd rather not use "normalisation" as I believe that this irreversably
> changes the sound of the MP3s.

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Caleb Epstein
2003-12-31, 13:58
On Wed, Dec 31, 2003 at 08:40:20PM -0000, Simon Turner wrote:

> Hi Jason, Volume level is set to max. I use Constant Gain as it
> enables me to be sure I have got the cd I am ripping to the highest
> volume without icurring clipping in any individual track, whilst
> still retaining the different volume levels between tracks. Usually
> i find that just going one step down (i.e. -1.5db) gets rid of any
> clipping introduced in the ripping process. I'm not too sure if
> album gain does exactly this.

How could ripping a CD introduce clipping? You're just
extracting the WAV data off of the disc. If you have a decent
drive or use the right software, its a perfect copy.

I expect album gain normalizes an entire disc as a single
unit, so the highest peak of the entire album is at 0db. You
seem to be normalizing on a per-track basis, so the highest
peak of every track is at 0db.

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