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2003-12-31, 08:47
I too found that the DEFAULT skin works, but some of the others cause
your issue.
Try re-setting the skin to DEFAULT.


i.e.: http://localhost:9000/Default/
Once you get into the server (via the web interface."
Go to the Server settings: Additional Server Settings: Interface
and change the skin to "Standard"

Hope this helps!

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I was just messing around (why do we do these things!!!!?) with the
skins for slimserver and decided to restart slimserver - it hung at the
first splashscreen with "Slimserver for windows"; "Starting
up".......and there it stayed!

Rebooted machine. Same thing.

Now the weird bit - I went to the squezebox and started playing and its
fine!!!!! - playing away perfectly normally!

Server is running on XP. And I'm running 5.0.3 from 29/12

I've tried re-installing 29/12 and still get the same.

As always - all/any help much appreciated!