View Full Version : Adding another hard drive

Rick B.
2007-03-28, 12:12
I have added a 2nd 250gb hard drive to my windows PC as my 1st one is getting full. I have read about how I need to put a shortcut in my present drive so that the new drive will be seen by Slimserver. That's fine.

But can I duplicate folder names on both drives, e.g., I have a Beatles folder on Drive A with sub-folders for each album. So let's say I but a new Beatles CD that I don't already have. Can I also have a Beatles folder in Drive B as long as the sub-folder albums are different?


Patrick Dixon
2007-03-28, 12:21

The two drives will still be separate, so even with the same file names on both you'll have

/The Beatles/Hard Days Night/...


/shortcut/The Beatles/Hard Days Night/...

Rick B.
2007-03-29, 05:45
Good news. Thanks.