View Full Version : How to reading long comment tags on Squeezebox? [Repost]

Jason Holtzapple
2003-12-31, 07:54
Check that you've enabled 'full animation' in the performance
part of the server preferences.


--- Simon Turner <simon (AT) brighton (DOT) co.uk> wrote:
> Sorry, the hardware display on the Squeezebox
> Simon
> Are you referring to the web interface, the hardware
> display, or both?
> --Jason
> --- Simon Turner <simon (AT) brighton (DOT) co.uk> wrote:
> > I have only one slight problem.. although my MP3s are all ripped with
> ID3v2
> > tags I only appear to be able to read the first few words of the text in
> the
> > tag. I can't find any info about how to read the whole text in the manual
> or
> > on the Slim website. Can anyone help me? I'm sure it must be an oversite
> on
> > my part.

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