View Full Version : Best Mac random-songs route?

2007-03-28, 09:25
I like to use my SB3 to stream random selections from the 8,000 songs I have in iTunes on my iMac. Currently I source this from the iTunes Party Shuffle playlist, as it’s there and easily available. But it would be really useful if once I’d had a session on the SB, the Party Shuffle list was updated to the ‘new’ start position, ready for next time. At present I have to go through a complex maze of resettings. I believe this is what James Craig’s ‘iTunes Update’ plugin is intended to sort out, but it’s Windows only. Does anyone have an alternative scheme?

2007-03-28, 09:32
I use Erland's plugins (TrackStat, DynamicPlaylist, SQLPlaylist, RandomPlayList, etc) for randomness.

Sometimes it is a real random play list and sometimes it is "Stuff I Like" (which is based on ratings) or "Ambient" (a collection of Genres), etc.

http://erland.homeip.net/download/ for them.

Craig, James \(IT\)
2007-03-28, 09:43
iTunes Update does work on the Mac.


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2007-03-28, 10:44
Ah, thanks James. Now I look again at your plugin site, I think it was the big red WINDOWS ONLY that confused me, but now I see that refers to a specific feature.

But is 'iTunes Update' what I want? Does this move the Party Shuffle playlist along to the 'right' place after a session? Or does it just update the play count etc? Maybe it's your 'iTunes Party Shuffle' I need - but that definitely is Windows-only, isn't it?

I'm interested to hear how others with Macs organise a random life.

2007-03-28, 12:01
iTunes Update & iTunes Party Shuffle plugins work best together!
iTunes Update sets the play counts etc which can then feed into the Party Shuffle playlist. The Party Shuffle plugin then becomes useful because it makes you no longer dependent on the SlimServer library rescan updating SlimServer's snapshot of the iTunes playlists.

Although I can only guarantee the PS plugin works on Windows, there's no real reason it wouldn't work on the Mac. As ever, I need a bit of help testing it, in particular the bit that deletes tracks from the party shuffle playlist.


2007-03-29, 06:22
OK James, thanks for that. I'm still slightly baffled, but obviously I'm just going to have to give them a go. I'll report back.