View Full Version : Cannot scan through WAV files

Jonathan Statt
2003-12-31, 05:35
I have a Squeezebox all working through a wireless link to my Netgear
Router. I had to update the firmware on the Netgear before Squeezebox worked
with it however (it kept disconnecting).

My entire collection of music is in WAV format. I used Voyetra Audiostation
to convert all of the music off the CDs as I also have an Audiotron from a
year ago.

Although the Squeezebox plays all my WAV files without any problems,
correctly seems to handle the WAV tagging (since using nightly builds).there
is one function that refuses to work; Fast-forward and rewind

When I try to fast forward, I hold down the >> button for a couple of
seconds and x2 appears on the display.but the time counter does not move
on.it stays exactly where it was. No sound comes out. Then if I press play
again, horrible digital noise comes out. The only way to stop the digital
noise is to press the >> or << quickly to move track.

Has anyone managed to scan a WAV file over a wireless link? On the audiotron
scanning is done quietly, i.e it does not try and play bits of the music as
it scans, its just a position mover. Is the Squeezebox trying to actually
push the WAV file at double speed over the wireless link? If it is, it may
be a bandwidth issue.


Jonathan Statt