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2007-03-26, 16:37
Howdy. I've spent a good part of the weekend trying to get Slim Server to work properly and I'm starting to give up hope. Here's my problem:

No matter how I try the sort or organize my music library it is not correct. I tried to fix the situation by re-tagging all my music in the same fashion (using the Godfather). This didn't work. I next decided to try it without Itunes but after rescanning I'm still have same problems. It's really frustrating. The music is properly organized in Itunes but the Slim Server interface just doesn't work. I'm ready to ebay the sb3. GRRR.

If anyone can help out I'd appreciate it.



2007-03-26, 16:57
What do you mean not correct?

2007-03-26, 17:22
I suppose I could have been more specific :).

By not correct I mean: I have duplicate albums (which should be fixed because I updated the tags); when viewing Artist/Album but the reverse shows up in Slim Server, or viewing everything just by Album, I get 5 entries for the same album. Perhaps it's a couple of stray tags that are causing this but if you can think of other reasons why duplicate entries are happening I'd be much obliged.

I'm also wondering if there's a third-party plug-in or something that's a bit more intuitive in terms of managing your music library.

Any suggestions would be sweet.


2007-03-26, 17:39
I have a couple of suggestions which I will try to post later or tomorrow, but, in the meantime... Have you cleared your Slimserver library and rescanned. You will need to do this to get rid of the old tags.


2007-03-26, 21:11
I think I figured it out actually. The Godfather copied and placed some of my compilation files in multiple artist folders. GRRR. Thanks anyway but if you have general suggestions regarding organizing music libraries that would be cool.

2007-03-26, 22:10
... Thanks anyway but if you have general suggestions regarding organizing music libraries that would be cool.

Have you seen this?

2007-03-26, 22:24
It is not necessary to organize at all because slimserver uses tag info to maintain its database. Organizing is for the human to be able to locate files. I store my music in a multiple directory structure:

D:\music\genre\artist\album - year\


2007-03-27, 00:41
I use \genre\index\artist\album
\-= Reggae =-\M\Misty In Roots\Live At The Counter Eurovision

\genre\index\composer\album (artist) for classical
e.g. \-= Classical =-\R\Rippe, Albert de\Fantasies & Chansons (Peter Söderberg)

With this scheme I can browse by directories on the SB fairly quickly.

NB. I only really got tags sorted out by using mp3tag and following the instructions in the Wiki here on how to set it to remove all but one sets of tags for each mp3/flac/wma/og file. ID3v1, ID3v2 and APE tags in an MP3 file were very confusing to slimserver. The CustomBrowse plugin makes locating your music much easier, IMHO, on the SB3 once you've sorted out the tags.

2007-03-27, 13:16
Well, even an ITunes user can have problems ! I thought I should be smart, and that it was a bit annoying that quite some albums were in the "various artist" folder, so I called up the tags, and decided no to "compilation". That resulted in these albums showing up as doubles in SlimServer !
I still dont understand what is wrong with Mark Knopflers Golden heart, it just WANTS to also be in a "No Genre" folder also !

I also dont understand why some album art do not show on the front page of SS, but click once on the album so it comes up with the songs the album art shows....!

2007-03-27, 13:42
Thanks for the reply guys. I'm slowly trying to fix the mess I've created.