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2007-03-26, 12:45
Anyone care to recommend some magnature resordings that are exceptional?


I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the business model and design of this site.
Not only can you preview the entire song, but if you decide to buy a track or cd, you are given the option to pay on a sliding scale, and the download is available in just about every lossless format you might want.

I only hope their artist roster grows exponentially!

2007-03-26, 13:19
I really liked "Beside Themselves" by Phebe Craig and Katherine
Westine and "Les Cyclopes" by Trevor Pinnock.

The "Chambonnieres Suites" by Hanneke van Proosdij are also very nice, but the above 2 have a bit more variation in them.

The organ concertos by Sonnerie were a bit less.

Long time I took a look, but I think I'm going to buy more there.

2007-03-27, 02:45
You might like my Magnatune plugin for SlimServer - http://magnaslim.sourceforge.net/ . You can browse and preview the Magnatune catalogue just using your Squeezebox.

As for recommendations: what type of music are you after? I seem to have particularly enjoyed John Jackson's "Bad Things Happen All The Time", Burning Babylon's "Stereo Mash Up" and the second "Ridin' the Faders" remix album. And a few others. But your tastes will no doubt vary, and that's why Magnatune have full length previews :)