View Full Version : Lost contact with Slim Server

Peter Michelson
2003-12-31, 01:07
Hello. I just received my Squeezebox today. No matter what I try, I seem
to get a very spotty connection and have yet to hear any music. Here is my

SMC Barricade Wireless Router with WEP 128-bit encryption enabled
SlimServer 5.0.1

The main error message I get is:
"Problem: Lost contact with Slim Server. Check that the software is

I have occasionally also gotten a cryptic error message (which I can't
remember) with "(4)" at the end of it.

I have had a connection long enough to select a song and play it using the
squeezebox, but even though it appears to be playing in the slim server, the
time doesn't change on the squeezebox and I usually get the above error
message right away.

Networking seems to be set up correctly as evidenced by the ability of the
squeezebox to obtain an IP address automatically from DHCP (intermittently).
Disabling WEP encryption has no effect. The proximity to the wireless
router also does not seem to be a factor as I have them sitting right next
to each other. The wireless router has no problem communicating with other
wireless devices located several rooms away.

At first I thought maybe I just got a defective unit with a bad wireless
transceiver, but the squeezebox is still able to establish a connection and
obtain an IP address from several rooms away.

I just tried connecting it directly to the ethernet and it works. However,
since it's intended use is in another room far from any ethernet connection,
I would like to use the wireless capability. Any suggestions on how to get
that working? Thanks!