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2007-03-25, 05:21
I am looking to integrate the SB into an existing home distributed A/V
system. It is a Niles system with 5 zones. Speaker cables all go back to
the a/v closet. There are no local inputs in the different zones (like the
Russound system can do with the Abus local source inputs). There are also
no stand alone recievers in different rooms. Ethernet and Wireless capabilty
is good every where so that is not an issue.

I would like to be able to have different music streaming to different zones
at the same time. I would like to do at least two different simutaneous
streams. This is the solution I have come up with, but it seems hardly

Install 2 SBs in the A/V closet ( called for example, Main-SB1 and
Main-SB2). These would be on different audio inputs on the Niles
reciever. In each zone I would have a SB (or at least two or three
wireless ones that could be moved around, as needed). To listen to one
stream in the kitchen I would synch the kitchen SB to Main-SB1 and select
the appropriate audio source on the Niles local keypad; at the same time if
someone wanted to listen to a separate stream in the media room, that SB
would be synched to the Main-SB2 and they would select the appropriate audio
source on the Niles keypad.

I think it would work, but the downsides are: a lot of SBs, and possible
confusion as to who is listening to which stream in which zone. I suppose
one could be fixed (like ktichen always synched to Main-SB1) and the other
the 'floater'...still not ideal.

If anyone has another solution or ideas I'd greatly appreicate it. Thanks.,

2007-03-25, 06:37

I'd agree with using the 2 SB's at the Niles controller. I assume that the purpose of the sync'd units in the rooms is for their display / remote control use?

If so, I think a better option is to purchase a couple of Nokia N770 or 800 tablets. These use your WLAN to control the players via the Slimserver web interface, including Now Playing information and album art. You could use one in any room where you wanted control of the SB's.

There is quite a bit on implementing these units in the Forums. I also use these as remote controls for my Crestron system, but that is another story.

2007-03-25, 06:48
If speaker cables go back to the A/V closet, could you also run CAT-5? Then you could plug an SB into each room (or move them around), giving you control over the stream for that room. If not, then jctar's advice is sound. For one thing, syncing SB's is not all that easy, based on many posts here. Also, syncing does not allow for gapless playback, if that's important to you. I'd pull CAT-5 or CAT-6 cable, if possible. It would also prevent any possible wireless issues.

2007-03-25, 07:05
This is essentially what I have, though using a ZON system. There are only two of us living in the house, so complications on who is listening to which SB are minimal -- It is really only when we are working in our offices that we listen to different music and tend to use the original Squeezebox while my wife uses the new one. I am thinking of getting a 3rd Squeezebox which would be dedicated to SqueezeNetwork. But I will probably wait for version 7 and see if switching between SlimServer and SqueezeNetwork is more graceful.

We exclusively use browsers to control the Squeezeboxes (Pocket PCs and desktops). I just received a Pepper Pad and that will become the main controller for the family area as soon as I program all the IR buttons. I've considered trying to send information from the SqueezeBox to the ZON display, but it would be too small to see from the sofa, so it never seemed like it was worth the trouble.