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2007-03-24, 20:48
has anyone else noticed this? Their website:


gives back the dreaded Server Application Unavailable.

What other progarms are people using? reading through these posts I have read about Media Monkey...what else? A quick search of download.com points to iAlbumArt, but i'm not running iTunes.

suggestions? anyone know where ELSE i can find AAA ?

2007-03-24, 20:58
jsunandmax wrote:
> What other progarms are people using?

I use mine ;-)

Actually, I abandoned it for a long time, 18 months or so
because Amazon changed their API and my day job got in the way of
keeping my code current.

I'm working on it as I type, it seems to work for about 75% of my
library of 750 or so CDs. I've got a bug or two to chase down, and then
I'll be looking for alpha testers.

The commands and philosophy are as described in my .sig


Mark Lanctot
2007-03-24, 21:02
Album Art Aggregator also seems to be incompatible with .NET 3.0, so if you update, it won't run anymore.

See http://forums.slimdevices.com/showpost.php?p=190019&postcount=8 for an alternate program suggestion.

2007-03-25, 02:07
Here's another option:

"Album Cover Art Downloader"


I actually prefer it to AAA. More options and a cleaner interface.

2007-03-25, 03:18
Album Art Aggregator is still available if you use this direct link:

And nexus [the guy behind AAA] has finally replied in the Hydrogenaudio thread (http://www.hydrogenaudio.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=29876) [Mar 16]:


Sorry for the, um, nearly year long (d'oh! >.<) delay in my reply. Real life is very distracting sometimes, and I have serious procrastination issues, heh.

I found a post on iAudiophile today mentioning this program while I was looking for info on the Cowon D2. I felt really guilty for not updating in a while. And, well, here I am :)

I'm going to work on a new version tonight when I get home from work. And I'm not sure why the website is down, I'll get in touch with my host.

If all goes well, I'll put out a new version sometime in the wee hours of the night. It will just be bug fixes and minor updates. The big changes I have planned are going to be put into a completely new version (no release-date goal, I would fail it horribly :P)

2007-03-25, 05:08
download url still works


2007-03-25, 05:22
download url still works


Did you read my post? ;)

2007-04-03, 15:58
Their website:

http://team.thenexusnet.com/nexus/AAA/ works again !

2009-01-21, 17:20
Since their website seems to have vaporized again, I have uploaded AAA to my site for posterity (and so I can make sure I always have a copy handy!).


2009-01-21, 19:14
Thanks for doing this.

I spent an hour today trying to find this.......anywhere, everywhere, cuss, give up :)

2009-01-21, 20:04
The Album Art Downloader mentioned above is indeed very good - it kind of hides its functionality though. At first it looks like you have to do it one by one, but if you look in the menu it has a file browser section. You point this at your music folder and it scans everything you have in one go and shows which albums are missing artwork....and then can send of mass searches for them.

It does everything AAA does, and better, and is being actively developed, so I've switched. I found tonnes more with it than with AAA, some of the awkwardly named things it had no trouble with at all.

So - AAD but make sure you dig up the file browser or it looke crappy...

2009-01-21, 21:39
OK so the AAD link is dead now. :)

http://louhi.kempele.fi/ (dead)

This link work though http://www.unrealvoodoo.org/hiteck/projects/albumart/

2009-01-22, 14:40
I tried this

Stopzilla reports this a malicious site "A malicious Web site attempts to infect visitors with Spyware, or is a Phishing site. Phishing sites are fraudulent sites designed to look like legitimate commercial Web sites."

Anyone experienced problems with this site?


2009-01-22, 22:27
The URL you want is...


Download 0.25 (it's the latest despite the silly numbering system) and away you go...

The URL two posts above is for a completely different program.