View Full Version : one proposal maybe useful for displaying Chinese characters

2007-03-24, 08:15
I am a new user from China Mainland, I bought SqueezeBox V3 last week. All I have to say is : it is a amazing product! The small box is so smart that includes all functions i need:) More and more new functions are interesting me during these days ,for example, weather screen saver and rss news ticker are very useful. Thanks to SqueezeBox, I could touch my music so easier than before.
There is one proposal maybe useful for displaying Chinese characters. I think the default chinese font is not good enough in some situations. Especially in large size some strokes of chinese characters are missing. So I tried to substitute "STXIHEI.TTF" for default CODE2000.TTF, and then the chinese characters displaying were more beautiful and clear. STXIHEI.TTF, which in chinese is " 华文细黑" ,is an open type ,digitally signed, truetype outlines chinese font file. And it is included in Microsoft Office Chinese Edition. I found it in windows font folder. The following two photos contrast the default chinese font and the "STXIHEI.TTF" font .
it's only my opinion. I wish I could do something for this wonderful player. SqueezeBox is the best player i have ever used.