View Full Version : Two squeezbox's differ on same slimserver

2007-03-23, 15:43
Hi All,

I am having trouble getting to exactly the same Squeezebox's to have the same firmware connected to the one slimserver network.

I am running version "SlimServer Version: 6.5.1 - 11206 - Debian - EN - utf8" on the server.

On the web interface only one of the players shows up, it shows the firmware as version 72.

There seems to be differences in the firmware because the settings menu is different.

On Device A: (the version 72 above)

The settings menu has an information menu item which shows the version info, amoungst other info

On Device B:

There is no "information" item under Settings. Rather their is extra settings for the clock location etc

I have held down the brightness button to upgrade the firmware on both devices at the same time ... but the differences are still there

Anyone know what gives ???

2007-03-23, 15:44
By The way, both players connect to the network fine and play streams ok...

2007-03-23, 16:34
Is device B connected to SqueezeNetwork, by any chance? (If so, log off and connect to your local server....)


2007-03-23, 20:14
Yep, that was it, thanks ...