View Full Version : Sound from Media player

2007-03-23, 09:08
I would like to play movies off of my camera or other such with my Media player and have the sound go though my squeeze box.

How is this done, if at all?

2007-03-23, 09:29
This comes up quite often, search for icecast

Basically, you need a program that captures the output of your soundcard and broadcasts it as an mp3 stream. Slimserver can then pick up the stream like an internet radio station.
You will however experience massive video/audio sync problems due to buffering of the audio stream (think seconds of audio lag).


2007-03-23, 09:32
there is no easy way to do this, and if you need it to be sycronised with video being played, then it just isn't going to happen.

Search for IceCast or ShoutCast for discussions on how to force a SqueezeBox and SlimServer to act like a wireless sound card.