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Matt Shaw
2003-12-30, 17:07
Don't know if this helps but my friend who helped look at it earlier on
and better knowledge of this device than myself mentioned this to me a
few moments ago

"Might be worth stating that the popping sounds are reminiscent of MP3
encoding errors and affect any and all tracks. Maybe ask if the decoder
could have developed a fault rendering the Slim unusable?"


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Quoting Matt Shaw <Yahoo (AT) chercott (DOT) com>:

> Held down the brightness button (not much happened - other than it
> seemed to pause for a bit - so I think I did that bit right) but
> unfortunately it still makes popping sounds.
> Ideas anyone? Or a UK contact I can send it to, to get it fixed....
> Yours unhappily
> Matt.
brightness works for squeezebox. for slimp3, you have to unplug the
power, press and hold a button on the remote while you plug back in. It
should then display the MAC address. Find the upgrade_firmware.pl file,
or the "update firmware" button 9for win32 or osx). run
upgrade_firmware.pl or click the update button and follow the
instructions. If asked for the MAC address, use the one displayed on
the slimp3