View Full Version : SS or SB reedit playlists...

2007-03-22, 09:45
...and delete songs from playlists all by themselves. Everybody back up their playlists if they're on 6.5.1 is my advice...

Try the following - go to Plalists in SS. Pick a playlist. Click on a song, it'll show you the song info. Use the back button in your browser (IE7 for me). Do either refresh or go back to the first menu that shows the playlists - select the same playlist. Surprise, the song you picked previously will be gone from your playlist.

Very odd behavior. It's like SS has somewhat of an organic nature - works great initally, the will start to do crazier stuff. For one, more and more of the letter when navigating folders don't work anymore - and they had worked previosuly, until the 7 (PQRS) started to act up, now another has joined the action of not reacting logically... but that's another issue I can live with. Self-editing playlists I can't live with, too much work goes into putting playlists together!

2007-03-22, 10:02
By the way, this does not seem to happen with playlists that I put together with 6.5.1 built-in playlist abilities. I think this was a big palylist that I had put together with WMP...

2007-03-22, 11:12
I too have seen this - and thats in 6.5.0!! Fortunately I had saved my playlists to a backup drive... Still its annoying you can't edit the playlist without some songs going AWOL!