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Matt Shaw
2003-12-30, 16:53
Cheers for this...

....couldn't find either upgrade_firmware.pl - but did find SliMP3
Updater.exe and ran this.... Followed the instructions and the Slim
responded OK to it.

I then played music on it and......I still get popping noises.

Any other ideas?


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Quoting Matt Shaw <Yahoo (AT) chercott (DOT) com>:

> Held down the brightness button (not much happened - other than it
> seemed to pause for a bit - so I think I did that bit right) but
> unfortunately it still makes popping sounds.
> Ideas anyone? Or a UK contact I can send it to, to get it fixed....
> Yours unhappily
> Matt.
brightness works for squeezebox. for slimp3, you have to unplug the
power, press and hold a button on the remote while you plug back in. It
should then display the MAC address. Find the upgrade_firmware.pl file,
or the "update firmware" button 9for win32 or osx). run
upgrade_firmware.pl or click the update button and follow the
instructions. If asked for the MAC address, use the one displayed on
the slimp3