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2003-12-30, 15:53
Me too!

I've had this problem ever since V5.0.0 up - reverted back to V4.2.6 where
all works ok (with my slimp3).
Again, works fine via WinAmp every time and old versions of the server
I found it would sometimes work ok for a while and then gradually degrade
into a stutter, usually however it was stuttering from the start. This is
using a 100mbit LAN / 2mbit cable connection with pings times to the stream
source typically 50-60ms.

Adore my SliMP3! Best gadget I've ever bought :)


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Can't wait for the fix the radio streaming problem. It takes about 10 times
of restarting the stream to get a solid non stuttering connection.

Love my squeezebox.