View Full Version : Live365 station crashes my SB3

2007-03-19, 18:49
If I try play the Live365 station "Muppet Central Radio", the station won't play, and it causes my SB3 to not play _anything_ until I power cycle it.

I navigate Home -> Internet Radio -> Live365 Internet Radio -> My Presets -> Muppet Central Radio, then hit play, the SB3 gets to "bufferring ... 99%" then goes quiet. Tune to a different 365 station, same thing. Connect to a song on my SlimServer, hit play, nothing. The display indicates the song is playing, but is stuck at 0:00.

I'm getting network traffic just fine: the RSS newsticker updates and I can connect to my SqueezeNetwork. But nothing will play.

It first experienced this connected via wireless, then again via wired.

I tried stop/start server, logout, logout/login, holdLeftArrow5Seconds, to no avail.

The only thing that works to get sanity restored is to unplug the power switch, wait 10 sec, then power on again. Everything's groovy then.

Any ideas? I can do without the muppets for now, but the idea of a stream hanging the audio on my SB3 is quite troubling.

2007-03-19, 19:07
Please see bug 4563 (http://bugs.slimdevices.com/show_bug.cgi?id=4563) which sounds like your bug. Lately, no one's been able to reproduce this issue, so your input on the bug would be helpful. Make sure you're using the latest firmware and 6.5.2 build first though.

2007-03-19, 20:15
I was running 6.5.1 (win2k) and fw version 72

I just upgraded to 6.5.2 (win2k, 3-19-2007) & fw version 76, and MuppetCentral plays now. Cool!