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Matt Shaw
2003-12-30, 13:47
Thank you Felix, no, it hasn't been suggested before..... And it might
be a stupid question - but where do I find a file to refresh the


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Sorry to hear about you SLIMP3's playback problem.

My apologies if somebody already suggested it, but
did you try to reflash the firmware again?

I once had a player that initialized itself correctly,
getting an IP etc. but wouldn't play at all. After
reflashing the firmware it came back to life.

Hope it helps

--- Matt Shaw <Yahoo (AT) chercott (DOT) com> wrote:
> Hiya, I posted in here earlier about problems with
> play back with my
> slimp and it making popping noises when playing
> songs. Which suddenly
> started out of the blue.
> I have since taken it to a friends house and tried
> it on his system (as
> he has one as well) and it seems it is my Slim. So
> the question is where
> in the UK can I send it to be fixed? (Not best
> pleased as I only bought
> it back in October)
> Matt.