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2007-03-18, 14:08
Am doing a mini kitchen/dining room remodel and will be pairing a new SB (yes, black...very nice) with a Parasound Zamp. Here is a softball question: am I correct that I need no more pre-amp than that supplied in the SB?

Second question: does anyone have an in-wall speaker suggestion? I've listened to some Polk's, but would love more options. Room is about 13 x 18 ft, hardwood floors, drywall construction. Price range somewhere around $500 for the speaker set (give or take).

Last question: does anyone have a recommendation for an IR repeater kit for use with a wall hanging LCD TV (so I can bury my cable box DVR in the closet out of the way? They seem ridiculously expensive (e.g., the Niles exceeds $200).

Thanks! My second Squeezebox! Love it.

2007-03-19, 04:47
You could get a lot of different responses on whether or not to use a preamp. Search the forums for this, there are a lot of discussions. I can tell you that many people do not use a preamp and run directly from the squeezebox to the amplifier, but there have been rare instances of a 'white noise of death' which can be harmful to your equipment. Not a common thing, but again, I would read other posts in the forums. I am actually planning on doing the exact set up you proposed with the zAmp.

Speakers are very subjective. I would go and listen to as many as you can. Most places have in-walls on display, but the sound quality can vary greatly. Some in walls require a box built in to the wall, some have their own enclosures, etc. so it's difficult to say.

2007-03-19, 07:47
I agree with the previous poster about speakers being subjective, but the problem with going and listening to speakers is that they are always in rooms with very different acoustics than the room you put them in. Thus, it ends up being a bit of a crap shoot until you get them home. This is especially tough with in-wall/in-ceiling speakers, since you have to commit to cutting a whole in your drywall before you actually find out if they are what you want.

That said, I bought a set of 4 in-ceiling speakers from home-theater direct, who make their own speakers. I have a pair in the kitchen and a pair in the living room, and they sound great.


good luck. (those zAmps are sweet)

2007-03-19, 07:52
Here is a softball question: am I correct that I need no more pre-amp than that supplied in the SB?

I'll take the underhand pitch.

If the Z-amp has 'gain' adjustments, which I seem to recall they do, then you will be fine.

Set the gains so that when Squeezebox is at full volume it's as loud as you would ever want it. OTOH, the higher on the Sb volume scale you can stay, the better- due to SNR. If you're everyday listening level ends up around 30/100- you should turn the gain down a bit to get you up in the 60-70's.


2007-03-20, 16:35
Great tips. Thanks guys. That site for HTD in wall speakers looks nice...they seem really inexpensive, but I know that you don't always have to pay a lot to get great stuff. Have you been pleased with them? They are so reasonably priced, it almost seems like a no-brainer to try em.

2007-03-20, 19:14
For an IR repeater, check out the Xantech 291. Less than $100 and includes 4 IR emitters.

2007-03-30, 19:10
I can confirm that the Parasound Zamp works nicely with my new Squeezebox. No pre-amp used or needed for my particular application. The auto on also works to perfection. I did not even have to fiddle with the setting on the back of the Zamp. Just set it to Auto On, move the Sensitivity knob to 12 oclock, and when you send some music thru the SB, it turns the Zamp on quickly and reliably.

2007-12-25, 19:13
Would like to hear how you guys like your Zamps... I'm looking for something nice to use with my sb2 and B&W in-wall speakers in my bedroom. How would the Zamp compare to the Super T-Amp?