View Full Version : Problem after update to SlimServer 6.5.1

2007-03-17, 17:13
I have been using SlimServer 6.3.1 for over a year now and have just tried to up date to 6.5.1. I can't find anything similar in the bug list so thought I would post here. The set up is:

Windows XP 3500 Athlon with 1gb RAM
wireless to Belkin pre N router (WEP security)
two wireless SB3s usually sync'd together
occasionally use soft squeeze on server pc
library of 2790 mp3s stored on pc hard disc
Tend to use AlienBBC on a regular basis

I have just upgraded the server software (and alien bbc) to 6.5.1. one of the main reasons for upgrading was the poor performance using alienBBC - occasional spikes of CPU use causing a break up in the play back. I was very happy with the upgrade as alien bbc was working well.

However have just been listening to a play list of my standard mp3s for an hour or two and have run in to a problem. After playing for sometime the squeeze boxes simply cut out - they both showed the time the track was playing ticking over but there was no music output - in particular the visualiser stuck at 0. Moving on to the next track in the play list resulted in the next track playing but only for a short time (c. 20 seconds) before also cutting out.

I have several pcs on the wireless network (turned off during the problem) and have considered installing 6.5.1 on one to listen to alien bbc and 6.3.1 on another for the MP3s - but this doesn't seem particularly elegant. I have uninstalled 6.5.1 and gone back to 6.3.1 - any suggestions as to what the problem is?



Mark Lanctot
2007-03-18, 13:36
How did you upgrade? Straight overinstall, or uninstall and then install?

If you uninstalled, did you delete the SlimServer folder as well?

Any plugins? Are they known to be compatible with 6.5.0+?

2007-03-18, 13:41
It was a straight over install.

The only plugin is AlienBBC which I upgraded to the version compatible with 6.5.1 at the time of the upgrade.



Mark Lanctot
2007-03-18, 13:54
It was a straight over install.

Unfortunately there are significant differences introduced with 6.5.0 that really necessitate a complete uninstall first, including deleting the remainder of the SlimServer directory.

2007-03-24, 06:02
thanks for this - have given it a try and currently working well.


2007-03-24, 06:25
I think you should also identify what process was causing the CPU spike - because it may be the same process hogging the CPU just resulting in different symptoms ?