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Howard Durdle
2003-12-30, 10:30
Hello people,

I have a 2Ghz machine with ~600Gb of storage. The sole function of this
machine is to run the Windows version of the slim server (version 5.0.1) for
my single SliMP3 (firmware 2.2). I have approximately 55000 tracks on the
server, and the server is normally controlled via the web interface by two
or three people at a time.

Here's the problem: on some web requests the server will "hang". The web
server takes much longer than normal (up to 60 seconds) to respond to a
request, and while it is "thinking", the music stops. Normally the SliMP3
device itself completely blacks out until the web server finishes what it
was doing. At the point the page loads completely in the browser the SliMP3
snaps back to life and continues where it left off.

This is repeatable - if I select "browse by artist" or "search by artist" it
happens all the time, however it sometimes happens in the play list
(removing or adding tracks) and in the "browse music folder" view.

Originally this happened on an old machine (Celeron 600 with 128Mb) so I
blamed the hardware, but it's exactly the same on this 2Ghz, 256Mb machine!

Is this happening to anyone else? Am I a victim of my large MP3 collection?
slimsvc.exe memory usage fluctuates between 50Mb and 120Mb - usually
somewhere around 80Mb. The server has 256Mb, and doesn't run anything else.

Any ideas?

Best regards,
Howard Durdle

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2003-12-30, 10:39
> The server has 256Mb, and doesn't run anything else.

Try more memory. I use 1.5 GB with no swap file, but 512 MB should be