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2007-03-15, 21:43
I clean installed Windows Vista Ultimate 32-bit a week ago, and SlimServer was working fine except that I was having to start it manually from the tray icon after each boot. I played some music on the SB last night, then got a Windows Update on my computer that asked for a reboot, and after that it stopped working.

I installed the latest nightly 6.5.2 and it still isn't working. Tray icon shows "SlimServer running" but slim.exe is not in the task list. Firewall on or off makes no difference. Now what?

2007-03-16, 17:50
No suggestions?

I tried using system restore to go back to the pre-update state and it didn't help. I un-did the restore and tried a bunch of stuff in that other Vista thread just trying to get music to play again. Finally got it working, but it will no longer accept the drive letter for my WD NetCenter even though "Automatically run at login" is selected in the SlimTray settings.

I am using the UNC path for now, but that means I can't send music from MusicIP mixer (since it's library uses drive letter paths) so I would really like to get things back to where I could use the drive letter path. It was working under Vista for a week like that! What could have happened???

2007-03-17, 07:40
No suggestions?

Yup, I have a suggestion: Go back to the OS you were using before Vista (probably XP).
I really don't get it, I see lots of reports of problems with Vista everywhere and still I see people complaining that they just installed Vista and that something's not working. Why on earth did you install Vista?
If you're using Windows 2000 or Windows XP, there is absolutely NO reason to switch to Vista (at this moment and the near future).

2007-03-17, 08:26
>>Why on earth did you install Vista?<<

I am a software journalist and I need to be knowledgeable about Vista for my writing. The PC I work on is left on all the time anyway so it makes sense to have it be the one running SlimServer as well.

Besides, there are things I really like about Vista. I have had some small issues with other software in Vista, but they are all pretty minor compared to what it has been like trying to get SlimServer running properly.

2007-03-17, 08:58
I have no problems with Vista, all my hardware and software work as intended, and this includes full-working SlimServer (after an easy workaround suggested here), dBpoweramp ripper and Inguz room correction (after help from Hugh Pyle). Even at this early stage, Vista is faster, feels much more solid than XP and music sounds better via my Chaintech AV-710 with Vista drivers. I wouldn't go back to the clunky XP, in fact I will format the drive and install a couple of Linux distros for entertainment.

2007-03-17, 09:03
There was a problem with SlimTray leaking memory and I rebuilt SlimTray and I think I found a bug in process detection code. I have posted the changes to bugzilla.

One user (vdorta of previous post) has tried it on Vista and had no problems starting/stopping although the icons seemed to stay one - as there a limited number of Vista users can you try it and see if works for you ?

This post gives details about the changes - just download my version, unzip and replace the distribution version of SlimTray.


2007-03-17, 09:19
>>I have no problems with Vista, all my hardware and software work as intended, and this includes full-working SlimServer (after an easy workaround suggested here)<<

Vdorta, thanks for the encouraging post. Can you be more specific about that workaround? There are so many different suggestions in the Vista threads I got a bit lost. Also, can you tell me if you use the "Automatically run at login" option in Slimtray? Although it is working now, I would like to go back to using my drive letter path so that I can use playlists generated from my other music software.

Bpa, thanks for the info. I will check it out. Maybe this is the same workaround vdorta is referring to?

2007-03-17, 09:47
The workaround is: Close SlimTray and SlimServer. On the Start Search window, type "services.msc" and press Enter; go to SlimServer and SlimServer MySQL services; click Properties on each one and set to Automatic. Either start both services or reboot.

With the above workaround I used to set SlimServer to run automatically at login, but I now run it manually when needed. Either way works well for me.

2007-03-17, 16:33
bpa: your SlimTray replacement works fine for me and uses less memory than the original one.

SlimServer still won't accept my drive letter path for the music, though, even though run at login is the checked option.

I wonder if starting slimserver from a batch file would make a difference?

2007-03-17, 20:48
Oh for crying out loud... After trying for days to get it to accept my mapped drive letter as the music folder, I finally decided to try disabling user account control and it works again!