View Full Version : Will only play current song after after un-pausing

2007-03-14, 14:43
Currently running Slimserver 6.5.2 (11509) on Mac OS 10.4

This problem has been here for every version of 6.5.1 and now 6.5.2 that I've ever used. But it doesn't always happen.

If I pause for a more than a couple of seconds and then press play to resume, the song will continue and finish but the next song will sometimes not start. It will just sit there at the very end of the current song. If I press play again it starts the current song over again.

I'm not sure if this has something to do with song length or at what point in the song you press pause.

If I pause multiple times in a day this will happen at least once or twice.

I'd like to see if we can get any commentary before I try to file a bug for this. I've never had much luck searching for previous and outstanding bugs. If anyone knows if this has been reported before, the bug number for it would also be appreciated.


Philip Meyer
2007-03-14, 16:19
This sounds like it could be related to a few outstanding bugs. I've been having problems with songs stopping at the end of playback before transiting to the next song (not using pause). Bug 4354.

Others have reported errors with songs being slightly cut off before the end of the song. I think a bug exists in bugzilla, but I haven't searched for the number.