View Full Version : Shuffle by album always has same first album

Chris Bizon
2003-12-29, 21:34

Just got a squeezebox, and I'm enjoying it greatly. One oddity I've
run across has to do with shuffle by album. When I add all albums or
all songs to my play list with shuffle set to "by album", the same album
always comes up first. It seems to be the album that has the first
(alphabetical) artist. The subsequent albums appear in random order.

I second the request I saw in the archives for a simple way to
fast-forward past an album.

Finally, I had the following odd situation: The squeezebox isn't
operating in wireless mode, but the server is. I was having some
wireless connectivity issues, and the squeezebox got pretty confused.
The server was up, I could log into it, stop and restart the slimserver,
and hit the web interface. However, the squeezebox only showed the
"Problem: lost contact with server..." message. If I started playing
through the web interface, music would come out of the squeezebox, but
its interface wouldn't update. Holding in the power button on the
remote didn't bring up the config menu... I finally had to pull the plug
on it and reset everything. It's happy again, but it was pretty
confused there for a bit.

Also, what do folks here think is the best id3 tag editor for linux
(preferably id3v2)?