View Full Version : Organizing Music Files

2007-03-12, 17:50
New to Slimserver & beginning to rip CDs...I will want to edit tags in music files after ripping, but but ripping program (MediaMonkey) doesn't seem to handle this easily. Welcome advice on using Media Monkey or another program to edit the music tags/paths/information for albums, tracks etc. For example, I may want to add genre info, edit info for all tracks in a music file at once, etc.

2007-03-12, 18:54
See the Beginner's Guide at wiki.slimdevices.com -- lots of good advice there. Personally I like mp3tag for tag management. It's very powerful, pretty easy to use, and free.

2007-03-12, 20:17
I have posted a step by step for ripping, tagging and adding replaygain tags using EAC, etc., on my web page here: