View Full Version : upgraded to 6.5.1 OS X now can't connect

2007-03-11, 09:18
NEVERMIND, After about five minutes my squeezebox woke up wanting to update its software, I guess it just took a while for the server software to get up and going.

I updated to 6.5.1 and after restarting the slim server on my OS X system, neither my squeezebox nor any web browser can connect to the server. I have tried rebooting and reinstalling.

I also tried the latest beta build and it behaves the same.

Is 6.5 available for download somewhere?

What can I do to troubleshoot the issue?

Eric Seaberg
2007-03-11, 09:31
After you did the update, did you double-check to make sure the server is set to START WHEN SYSTEM BOOTS?

Had to ask... I've been running 6.5.1 since it came out without issue, and usually have the nightly running.