View Full Version : "playlist newsong" when streaming

2007-03-10, 19:55
Has anyone seen problems with "playlist newsong" notifications firing for changes in the currentTitle when listening to a remote stream on 6.5.2?

I'm writing a plugin that subscribes to that notification, and it seems to fire fine for changes to the current song on Shoutcast streams, but I never get a notification for song changes on Live365 or XMRadio. Also, a "listen 1" on the CLI shows that no "playlist newsong" is ever generated for these even though the player display and the Web UI update with the new song name.

I'm having a horrible time following the thread through the code to find what triggers that notification. It seems to be in two places in Source.pm, but -d_source generates reams of information when streaming remotely, and I haven't found the needle in the haystack.

Anyone have a short tutorial on how/where newsong notifications are triggered?