View Full Version : Can't get Squeezebox to find IP address after getting a new Airport base station

2007-03-09, 11:33
I just upgraded my Apple Extreme base station. My Squeezebox2 had been working fine with my old one.

I am using WPA2 security,and the Squeezebox logs onto the network fine with the passord.

However, I can't get it to find the IP address. I had always done the with DHCP automatically, but now it won't find one.

Is there someting obvious here- do I really need to enter a static IP address and all the other info?



Ross L
2007-03-09, 12:55
You might want to call support, they can walk you through it.

What is your SSID (wireless network name)? Are you certain your Squeezebox is trying to connect to the appropriate network? If it's trying to connect to a WEP encrypted network, and the key is incorrect, the error message you would see says failed to reach DHCP...

2007-03-09, 13:08
I'll call thanks.

Yes, I'm sure it's accessing the correct network, and the the key entry is correct and being accepted. If I leave out the key it can't get on the network, with the hey it does so immediately. It just can't pick up an IP automatically with DHCP.