View Full Version : Track end cut off in 6.5.1 - additional info

2007-03-09, 07:25
I had the same problem with all tracks cutting off approx. one second before the end, and next track starting without delay...

Here is the history of what happened in my case:

- under 6.3.1 no problem
- when upgrading to 6.5.1 under XP Professional still no problem
- server crashed, I rebuilt using XP Home
- when re-installing 6.5.1 the problem was there!
- just downgraded to 6.3.1 problem gone (I spent a lot of time configuring the MultiLibrary, CustomBrowse and InfScreen plugins, alas now all this is lost.)

I am not in the mood to rebuild PC with XP Pro...

Is this perhaps a clue for this evasive and irritating problem?

Bodie Bill