View Full Version : Internet Explorer 7 and SlimServer - can't connect anymore

2007-03-08, 22:10
On the PC I run slimserver on I got brave and installed all of the latest updates from Microsoft, which included Internet Explorer 7.

Since doing this, I cannot connect to the server. Double clicking on the tray icon doesn't work, nor does using

I have a user name and password set. It pompts me for that, I enter the credentials, and it hangs saying "connecting".

Has anybody been successful using Internet Explorer 7 with slimserver? I'm hoping there is just a setting I need to change in IE7.

I am running XP SP2 and have the release build of 6.5.1 installed (I'm not using the nightly builds at this point).


BTW, I searched for this topic and didn't find anything definitive.

2007-03-08, 22:48
So it isn't just IE7, it is some other update that MS installed on my machine. My squeezeboxes will not play music, though it shows my weather screensaver.

If I go to browse, artist, pressing the arrow right button just keeps bringing artist back up.

There is some communication with the server, but not full communication.

Anybody else experience this?

I have the MS firewall disabled on the machine running SS. It was disabled prior to the updates and I verified it is still off.

My system is now so secure, I can't event connect to it :-).

2007-03-08, 23:01
I'm posting this so if anybody else runs into this, there will be some information.

On a whim, I decided to run Microsoft Update AGAIN even though I had just finished running it. Well, it found 2 new security updates related to IE7 I needed. I installed them and the problem has gone away. I can now connect to the server using IE7 and I can now play my music again.

I think it may have had something to do with intranet settings because IE displayed a warning when I first connected to SS that the intranet settings were changed.

So the key appears to be keep running MS update again and again until it doesn't find any more updates.

Oh what fun.


2007-03-09, 08:31
Thank you for posting the solution to your own problem. I am helping a friend set up her SB3 and had the same problem, which you have now helped me solve! :)