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2007-03-08, 16:50
There is a full page advert in April's Hi-Fi World magazine for the Transporter:-

"The Future Sounds Fantastic"
- transporter - The first audiophile network music player
Distributed by Progressive Consumer Electronics Ltd
Experience at Audio-T

and a full review.

Having read this review and the one in Hi-Fi News it seems to me that the reviewers really do not fully understand or appreciate the technology involved. For example the HFWorld review says that the imminent arrival of 802.11n will more easily accommodate the high bandwidths (that) high resolution wireless music playback requires, and questions whether one should buy a transporter that doesn't yet incorporate this new standard. A further example is that there isn't a single mention of Flac encoding in this review.

Unfortunately until these devices work "straight out of the box" we are likely to continue seeing this sort of criticism, because reviewers expect to plug and play rather than plug and fiddle! (which is half the fun imho!)

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2007-03-09, 01:07
Does this mean that Audio-T are going to stock the Transporter then? They don't appear to at the moment and their web site lists Roku and Sonus.

2007-03-09, 07:28
It seems they are planning to stock them soon.