View Full Version : Funnies with Flac

Andrew Lucas
2003-12-29, 12:28
>* Andrew Lucas <alucas1966 (AT) hotmail (DOT) com> shaped the electrons to say...
> > Initially I was trying to play from the squeeze remote, seeing this
> > misbehave I went to the web interface which was very slow. Restarting
> > server didnt help, deleting the FLAC's then restarting sorted it.
>Andrew - can you try this again with the latest nightly build?

Just tried again with the latest night;y, same thing again unfortunately.
I need to have just one FLAC in my music folder, try to play it and the
server goes real slow, doesnt respond to remote nor web interface and the
squueze spits out an occasional burst of static.
Deleting the file and restarting the server fixes it.

Could I be doing something daft? Cant think what though..using dBpower to
rip to FLAC.

Thanks, Andy