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Eric Lyons
2003-12-29, 12:19
Sorry, just to reiterate on my previous post:

I have indeed done critical (headphone) listening to MP3s coming out

A) Squeezebox / SliMP3 analogue out,
B) Squeezebox digital out through ADCOM GDA600 dac,
C) Nakamichi CD player through ADCOM dac,
D) Audiotron (shudder!) digital out through ADCOM dac

To my ears, there's no comparison between the analogue outputs and the
digital outputs through the ADCOM dac -- cleaner, smoother, less
coloration throughout the range. Significantly, I also found it
impossible to tell the difference between the digital outputs of the
Squeezebox and the Audiotron (when the volume matrix is bypassed on the

The difference between the Nakamichi CD player and the Squeezebox's
digital out reflect normal MP3 encodiing artifacts -- in my case, lame
--alt-preset studio (3.92, which is 256kbps cbr). Very listenable.

--- Eric Lyons <creeble (AT) yahoo (DOT) com> wrote:
> Simon:
> My recommendation for the best possible sound is to use an outboard
> with the Squeezebox. Very high quality DACs are available used on
> eBay
> all the time (look under Home Audio & Video / Home Audio and search
> for
> DAC or D/A). These converters are generally much higher quality than
> those built in to most home theater receivers. The newest slimserver
> s/w also has the ability to bypass the volume matrix in the digital
> outputs, thus assuring the bits going to the converter are exactly
> the
> bits coming from the decoder.
> I've got a bid on a $2000.00 DAC that will close for less than
> $200.00
> in about two hours... unless you outbid me, I guess...
> Eric.

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