View Full Version : trouble shooting radio

2003-12-29, 10:47
The setup:
Windows XP - 600 MHz PC.
NIC card is 3COM 10/100 (3C905C-TX) Driver 8/13/2002
One SLIMP3 on a Linksys WET11
One Squeezebox
Linksys BEFW11S4 V2/V3. Firmware: 1.45 Feb 28 2003
128-Bit WEP
Slim Server V5.0.3 Nightly Build from 12/27

The Problem:
Playing back MP3 files works great. Also, the V5.0.3 fixed the
"Losing beginning of track" problem mentioned elsewhere.
But playback of radio stations either via Winamp/Shoutcast or directly
from the stations that support mp3 streaming sounds terrible on
the Squeezebox; the sound stutters rapidly in bursts every few seconds.
When playback is started, it runs ok for about 10 or 15 seconds
and then starts the stuttering and stays like this from then on.

The SLIMP3 plays the same stream flawlessly. But if I synchronize
the Squeezebox and the SLIMP3 then they both stutter. If I then
unsynchronize them and return to playing the same stream on
them individually then the SLIMP3 returns to normal while the
Squeezebox continues to stutter.

The V5.0.3 buffer display feature is enabled and shows the buffer to be always full.