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Simon Turner
2003-12-29, 10:34
Thanks for your reply Jason,
I am well aware of the quality issues around the ripping of MP3s, and I also
frequent the Hydrogen Audio web site. However, my main question is not
answered there...
which is still:
Is the quality of Squeezebox's digital-out appreciably better than that of
the analogue-out?
Has anyone here done any testing?

Just to make it clear. The sound reprodution of my MP3's (ripped using EAC,
Lame and --alt-standard) is much better using the analogue-out of my iPod
than it is via the analogue-out of the Squeezebox.

I also can't find any info at Hydrogen about whether streaming can degrade
the sound at all.. although an analysis must exist there somewhere.


Simon Turner
Brighton UK

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For the 'best' sound quality possible, use a
secure ripper like Exact Audio Copy to rip your
CDs, encode with a lossless encoder like FLAC,
and use the digital outs of the Squeezebox.

For more information and opinions that you can
shake a stick at, visit


--- Simon Turner <simon (AT) brighton (DOT) co.uk> wrote:
> Although I think my Squeezebox is truly great (it has already
> ny music-listening life), I am a little concerned about with sound quality
> via the analogue-out. The sound is a little flaccid, less bright and lacks
> detail when compared to the same files played through the same hi-fi by my
> iPod.

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