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2007-03-05, 04:48
I currently store all my CD's as FLAC files for playback on my squeezebox. Is there any software that can take an album of FLAC files and convert them back into CD format and then burn a CD (ideally with little user intervention - ie select the directory, put in a CD and press burn)?

Also, is there anything that could do the same but to from FLAC to MP3?


2007-03-05, 06:19
I use CD-DA Converter from Poikosoft for ripping and converting formats. It also has a facility to burn audio or mp3 CDs from any format. To do this you simply drag your album folder (or individual tracks) onto the "playlist" and press burn.

2007-03-05, 06:40
Burrrn will do what you need. It is free, simple, quick, and lightweight.


2007-03-05, 06:52
Both Nero and Roxio can do it. I forget which version of Roxio support starts in, 7 or 8, I think. I was doing it with Nero 5 with the Flac plugin.

2007-03-05, 08:40
Another vote for Burrrn ... no flab, does the job very well.