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2003-12-29, 08:23
It seems to work just fine from the web interface, it
just is problematic from the remote.


>But does it work when engaged from the player
>settings on the web
> interface?
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> Dean,
> It's fairly straightforward. I play something on my
> Squeezebox. I go to the next room to my Slimp3 and
> select Settings:Synchronize:Squeezebox. The display
> reads "press right arrow to synch to..." I press the
> right arrow. The display still says "press right
> arrow" and no sound is coming from the Slimp3. I
> repeat and repeat and repeat the right arrow press
> until the display says to press the right arrow to
> UNsynch. Sound is now playing. This can take upward
> a dozen attempts. If I initiate a playlist on the
> Slimp3 and then attempt to synch the Squeezebox to
> that, it happens first time, every time. There is
> a problem when I start playing from the Squeezebox
> (which is in my main listening station).

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