View Full Version : Slimsever TO Icecast2

2007-03-04, 16:03
Have anyone tried to send stream FROM slimserver TO icecast2 for distribute the same stream to multiple computers/clients?

I have tried this both on winxp and linux, but the behaviour is the same. Slimserver runs wild and start skipping tracks.

I tried to pick up the stream with streamtranscoder, but it just disconnects after a half second.

Anyone else tried this? Or, is it possible at all? In theory icecast and streamtranscoder should act as regular stream-clients?

2007-05-30, 12:58
I'm trying this at present with a streaming provider. The problem I'm having is that icecast client players drop out after 30-60 seconds.

Anyone got anywhere with this?

--Richard E

2007-06-03, 05:33
Now solved this. See: