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2007-03-04, 08:59
Is there a way to display the network utilization (e.g. bytes sent/received per second) of SB3 when it is connected to Squeezenetwork ?

In that mode the SB3 connects directly through the router so looking at the Windows task manager of the slimserver PC is irrelevant

Mark Lanctot
2007-03-04, 09:56
You would need something in your router or on your network.

What I have might get a little close - I run SmoothWall (http://www.smoothwall.org/) on an old PC.

SmoothWall reports traffic stats in an aggregate fashion, but being Linux, it almost certainly can be customized to show real-time statistics.

2007-03-04, 14:31
Thanks Mark. Indeed it can be done with dd-wrt router firmware which supports ntop statistics tool

2007-09-28, 01:49
Latest version of dd-wrt has a bandwidth monitor which I find very useful for tracking SB3 network activity

It nicely complements the "show buffer fullness" option of the display


2007-09-30, 11:51
Is your router have SNMP functionality? If it does the freeware version of this will do the job for you.


What it does >