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Simon Turner
2003-12-29, 07:35
Although I think my Squeezebox is truly great (it has already revolutionised ny music-listening life), I am a little concerned about with sound quality via the analogue-out. The sound is a little flaccid, less bright and lacks detail when compared to the same files played through the same hi-fi by my iPod.
I am thinking it is about time I upgraded my hifi anyway.. and would of course get an amp with a digital-in. Has anyone done any tests to compare the difference in sound quality between the Squeezebox analogue and digital outs?
I am worried that the deterioration in sound quality may be due to error correction inherant in the streaming process (perhaps in the same way that error correction may be the cause of the slight drop in definition and detail incurred on copied CDs?)and will not much improved by using the digital-out.

Any feedback (or pointers to further information) greatly appreciated.

Brighton UK

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> On my home network I've got a more reasonable-sized Pentium-IV-powered
Windows XP configuration with decent hard disk capacity, and a music folder
that shows up just fine on a mapped network drive (the 'L:' drive in this
case.) Now, the problem:
> a) My main music folder is here: C:\my\music\ (this is what SliMP3 knows
about, and it works fine)
> b) Tons of 'extra music' on the XP box is here: L:\MoreMusic\
> c) If I make a shortcut to L:\MoreMusic and drop it somewhere within the
C:\my\music folder, the name appears OK on the SliMP3, but I can't 'drill
down' into it: I just get the word 'empty' on the display.

I discovered that all drive mapping must be done BEFORE starting slimserver,
otherwise it doesn't find the mapped disks. If I start slimserver as a
service, it never finds any files on the mapped disks, so I wrote a Delphi
program that first ensures that all mapped disks are found before starting
slimserver. (even local disks are mapped in my system, as that way playlist
made on one computer will work on any other on the network).