View Full Version : Extreme enoded MP3's with LAMEB not playing

2007-03-03, 12:40
Thanks for taking time to read as I'm at end of rope.

I have recently purchased SqueezeBox 3 and love everything about it except that it will not play my MP3's. I have pinned the problem down to either the ripping (less likely) and the encoding (more likely).

All my MP3's that were ripped using LAMEB with the -preset extreme do not work on the SB. The music is discovered and loaded into library it reports it is playing on both the web interface and the device but it reports no progress thru the track and there of course is no sound output. I have to power cycle the SB 3 and restart the service before I can play another MP3 (of course one encoded differently).

Does anyone have ideas other than "go spend a month re-ripping and encoding my library"?

Huge thanks for an help.

2007-03-03, 12:44
Please file a bug and attach one of your failing mp3 files.