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2007-03-03, 05:48
I've had an iPod, and of consequently i-Tunes for a few years. For a long time they "just worked", lacking nothing that I needed. Now there have been many "improvements"... but the application is so buggy that it's almost unuseable.
I'm currently running 7.02.16 on an XP Pro, SP2 box (all patches up to date except "WGA") with heaps of disc space and 2Gb RAM. AMD 3500 processor, Gigabyte GAK8NF m/b & nVidia chipset.
I have ripped CDs and MP3s from various sources.
Problems are:
1) Skipping within tracks. I recall setting a QT switch which was supposed to solve the worst of the problem, which it did at the time (the app was also jumping wildly when scrolling the window!) but now I'm getting a lesser version of the same problem - tracks just skip the occasional second. The tracks that exhibit the problem play fine in Windows Media Player.
2) When double clicking on a track to start it, tracks frequently refuse to play, despite being selected and displaying in the track status window. Only restarting the app will restore their function.

Absolute crap. As someone who bought his first Mac (two of them!) in 1986, at enormous cost, I have now reached the point where I HATE anything connected with this company and it's grossly overpriced products. Not keen on MS for that matter, but...

Anyone know a quick fix for the above problems? I have no ambitious use for this stuff, just playing few bits of music to provide background noise for my weary old age... Assuming I last longer than the iPod I certainly won't be replacing it with another CrApple device.

All help gratefully received!

2007-03-03, 07:55
Puzzled ... is Slimserver in use here somewhere? If not, I'm not sure why you're posting on this forum?? If you are, perhaps you could say how you are using it...

Steven Moore
2007-03-03, 13:37
I'm sure you have tried a reinstall but if not try that.
It could be a preferences problem, look here.
It could also be a quicktime problem reinstall that.
It could also be something else in windows that's causing the trouble.
I know plenty of people using itunes on macs and in windows without problems.

Windows is a very complicated system and therefore it's difficult to diagnose problems often the application that seems to be causing it isn't. Sometimes another installation 'interferes' with the correct working of another application.
I have lost count of the number of clean installs of windows I have helped people with because things started to go wrong.

A happy Mac user.