View Full Version : Can slimserver stream Abacast internet radio?

2007-03-02, 11:48

Recently a number of radiostations I listen to have started using Abacast to stream their content. This requires downloading a helper application, and defaults to using windows media player to play the stream. They claim to be able to get higher quality streams because they use the your computer to stream the content to other players. Anyway, the question is can slimserver play these streams?


2007-03-03, 10:13
I'm going to say MAYBE to the streaming of abacast streams.

I use to have the same issue with an internet radio station until I was able determine what the real url was that is getting streamed.

Once I figured out the real url, I was able to paste the url in the tune in/ tune to box and everything was fine.

To determine what url was actually getting streamed I used a program called URLSNOOPER. I'm sure there are other programs out there but that is the one I used.

Maybe you can paste a couple of your urls here and someone will tell you want you can use.