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Matt Shaw
2003-12-29, 03:26
Unfortunately not - I have 3Com 10/100 network card

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Do you have an Intel PRO ethernet card?

See this FAQ entry:


I have one of these cards in my main XP development machine and it
worked fine until I touched some network setting...


On Dec 28, 2003, at 4:11 PM, Matt Shaw wrote:

> Hiya,
> I don't know what I've done but I seem to have a problem with the play

> back of my MP3's on the Slimp3.
> Everything was working well until today, for the first time I got it
> to list in a play list all of my mp3 (7,000) and then random select
> from the list.
> After awhile (song 40...) whilst playing it does some weird noises on
> play back... Hard to explain them - squelches, and blasts of noise.
> So I return back to playing just a handful of MP3's and it still doing

> it... Uninstalled the server software and reinstalled it.... Still
> doing it....
> Even disconnected the Slim from everything thing for awhile (power,
> stereo, network cable.....).... Still doing it....
> Changed cables from Slimp to my stereo.... Still doing it...
> Played my MP3s through WinAmp and all is OK there.......so the MP3s
> themselves are OK
> I'm at a loss here.......HELP
> Matt.