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2007-02-28, 14:23
Any thoughts on this?

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2007-02-28, 15:04
I've been on Last.FM since the days of it being Audioscrobbler, and I've loved it from the get-go. They've made remarkable strides since their beginning, though the social networking stuff they've focused on, at least to me, has been kind of silly. Music recommendations I can use, but the "friends" stuff is just trying to reinvent myspace. What the world needs now is not another myspace.

A corporate buyout makes me very disheartened, particularly from a big-media nasty like Viacom. One wonders how long things like the AudioScrobbler and Last.FM plugins will be allowed once the DRM-loving corporate-heads get behind this.

I was randomly thinking today about not only how much I like having a device-independent listening statistics tracker like Last.Fm, but how much I depend on its continued existence. Here's crossing my fingers that the status quo remains.


2007-03-01, 01:43
I totally agree! I registered april 1, 2004 and I since 1 years it's been the center of my music listening. I would be very sorry to loose what I have here. At the same time it wouldn't be that surprising - see what happened to SlimDevices. Companies like that are very attractive on the market.

So what do you think: if the deal would go through - business as usual or can anybody say "subscription service"?

2007-03-01, 01:51
Not necessarily (IMO).

The listening data that the scrobbler collects (can't get used to that
new name...), must be extremely valuable as it's an automatic way of
working out listening habits, popularity and (most importantly, I
think), music connections. Think of the "suggestions" you see on
something like Amazon.com - nobody must type those suggestions in by
hand and, whilst for Amazon they may be based on their sales they (or
for similar retailers) must find actual listening data very useful for
such targeted advertising - particularly as it can be much more
up-to-date than historical purchases.

I wouldn't think a new owner would want to cease collecting that data as
I would expect most of it is collected from non-subscribers and so
they'd be losing much of their data. I would think they make more money
from the data they collect than from their subscriptions.

Of course, this is just conjecture - they might have a privacy policy
that states they don't do such things (I've not checked), and you can
never predict what corporate motivations might be.


TCM wrote:
> So what do you think: if the deal would go through - business as usual
> or can anybody say "subscription service"?