View Full Version : Playlist help needed, and why so many options and no WIKI?

2007-02-28, 13:27
I could not find anything on WIKI, and I searched the threads, but became more confused.

It appears there are various playlist options, both built in, as well as plug-ins. Then to add, a plug-in may require the use of other plug-ins.

I have downloaded a couple plug-ins, and see options which I may want to add to, or change. Yet, I'm lost with not knowing what to do.

Another example, I see talk of sql, but can't find what it means, nor why I might choose one playlist option over another.

The Transporter manual only devotes a paragraph for playlists.

Is there a WIKI page that I missed, or perhaps a good thread explaining how to use various playlists?

I must be missing something pretty basic, as I don't see anyone else as confused as me.

I'm looking to add some of my best sounding audio as "Demo", as well as have another playlist for party, dinner, etc..



2007-02-28, 13:51
There may be a confusion of terms here. Basically if you line up an album (for instance) to play in Slimserver/Transporter you then have a playlist of the album. You can then choose to save that playlist.

To make them in SlimServer, just line up a load of tracks in the right hand (player)panel of the Web Interface and click the save link above the list of tracks (I use the Fishbone web skin, the default may have the save link somewhere else).

However, many use another program to make playlists as the SlimServer web gui is rather poor at playlist manipulation. I use Foobar2000, but you can use Winamp, iTunes (which interfaces with Slimserver in a fashion), Windows Media Player etc. You may have to use a text editor to change the paths of any playlists created for use in SlimServer though.

You make and save playlists via the remote too, but ordering of tracks gets to be a bit of pain... I don't think many would choose to make and save playlists of any complexity via the remote.

And then there are plugins... but for any of the above you don't need any plugins that don't come already installed into SlimServer (the pre-installed "Save Playlist" plugin enables you to save a playlist via the remote, I think)