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2007-02-27, 22:39
For those using the Shadow Play (permanent) plugin, does it act to Sync the audio of effected players? All discussion of this plugin seems to revolve only around being able to see the activity of another player. If yes, can the permanent version do this for more than 2 players?

I am aware of the Sync and X-Sync features, and they are great, but SS6.5.x has a bug (http://bugs.slimdevices.com/show_bug.cgi?id=4638) in which certain internet radio stations will not play when SBs are synced this way. I want to upgrade to 6.5.x, but this bug is a show-stopper. As it has remained unsolved for some time since I reported it, I am now looking for a work-around.

2007-02-28, 00:57
Hi there

No, ShadowPlay (both the regular one and the permanent one) doesn't sync the music. It only brings the display content from a remote player to a local player and also sends ir commands to the remote player.

What exactly do you mean by 'does it work for more than two players'?

BTW: The difference between the regular and the permanent version is only that the regular one offers a menu on the player to choose the remote player whereas the permanent one has a fix relation set between two players which then becomes active upon (re-)starting SlimServer.


2007-02-28, 07:59
Thanks Felix. Referring to your question, I meant that, had it synced the music, I would have wanted to be able to have 4 players shadowed.