View Full Version : SB3 crashes when XBOX starts

El Wimpo
2007-02-27, 14:59

I'm using the Ethernet bridge in my SB3 (connected to SlimServer 6.5.1) to network my XBOX. Every time I start the XBOX the SB crashes (screen goes dead). If I restart it by unplugging the power it works fine afterwards.

The SlimServer seems unaffected by all this and even when the SB is down it keeps bridging the Ethernet to WLAN.

Anyone ever seen anything similar?

2007-05-04, 05:22

I don't get exactly the same problem but I have been getting a lot of instability between my Xbox and the bridged SB3. I've got everything set to DHCP, and have no trouble with streaming audio from the Slimserver to the SB3.
However whenever I use the Xbox I can get 30 mins > hour or so without issue then the SB3 loses the IP assigned to the Xbox. I can reset my Linksys WRT54G and the SB3 will still be streaming fine but only when I cold restart the SB3 does the Xbox get it's IP back. Same for WEP, WPA & WPA2. To further confuse things, occasionally it will run fine all day!

I have used the Xbox via etherent cable for sometime without issue. Have yet to try static IPs though.